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Week 14

Today was spent learning how to use character animator, it is taking longer than originaly antisapated as I have to learn new skills on how to use character animator. Although it turns out their is a higher than anticipated learning… (Read more)

Week 12

Today I started working on the character for the video, Skypark Steve is the character that represents skyparksecure. There is a new software application by adobe called character animator, this allows a puppet to be created in Photoshop and then… (Read more)

Week 11

Today I worked on editing the video footage that had been collected for the video. Once the footage had been chosen I then used premier pro which I was using in the¬†Developing Motion Content module. After importing the video footage… (Read more)

Week 9

I started the day by going through the script and storyboards. I felt that the original storyboard wasn’t good enough and started on a 2nd storyboard, it is more important to get the production right at the storyboard stage rather… (Read more)